Multifamily - Santiago, Chile
Mackenna Park
The following presentation is intended to invite potential investors to evaluate participating in the Parque Mackenna Real Estate project, located at Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4192, Macul, Santiago, Chile.

The investment invitation corresponds to the operation under a Multifamily concept, for the purchase of Tower 4 of the project. The project consist of 6 buildings, strip center and amenities for its users.

Tower 4 contains 315 apartment units, 178 parking spaces and 314 storage rooms. The building for sale is located on a 3,100 sqm lot and has all its legal and construction permits already granted.

The project was designed by a renowned Chilean architectural firm "Diaz / Fernandez" and is located in the heart of a collage naigborhood, with a wide range of services around it, as well as within the Parque Mackenna Condominium.

Banco Consorcio ( is open to finance the construction of Tower 4 as it also has the mortgage of the land. The condominium considers high quality construction and fine finishes, offering the community shared spaces such as swimming pools, Club House, Spa, cinema room, cowork, children's and birthday's room, multi-sport court, among others.

The project considers a permit granted with a density of 2,476 inhabitants per hectare, being approved for the entire land. However, for real estate co-ownership purposes, the project is sectorized by areas according to the percentage of each building over the total of the project and the saleable units of each tower. This is already regularized in the Condominium's Co-Ownership Regulations.

The last tower to be built and for sale, tower 4, does not require additional permits for construction since environmental, vehicular traffic and construction permits have already been approved by the local authority. The development and construction will be in charge of the current administration, as well as the maintenance of the common areas of the project.
The Project
Mackenna Park Condominium Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4192, Macul, Santiago

Project started in 2017 for 6 buildings with a total capacity of 1,342 residential units plus adjoining Strip Center

Strategic location inserted in the university neighborhood, one block from the "Camino Agrícola" metro station

Top quality work and unique finishes. Wide range of services in the condominium
Construction Timeline
27 months
Typologies of units
39 sq. m.
Type B 1D1B
55 sq. m.
Type A 2D2B
55 sq. m.
Type F 2D2B
33 sq. m.
Type C Studio
Tower 4 - Economic Projections
Sale Price:
UF 1.200.000 | USD 37.908.000* + VAT

*Exchange Rate: 1 UF = USD 31,59 dated 14/Jul/2022

If the client buys the legal society, there's no VAT to apply.
If the client buys only Tower 4, VAT must be added.
  • Units: 315
  • Area x unit (average sqm): 42,8
  • Leasable/saleable area (sqm): 13.482
  • Vacancy: 3,0%
  • Nonassignable area: 1,0%
  • Expected rental fee UF (sqm/month)
    UF 0,31 | USD 9,8
  • Annual expected lease
    UF 48.162 | USD 1.521.427
  • Common expenses (0,045 UF/month)
    UF 7.062 | USD 223.089
  • Parking area + Warehouse
    UF 7.007 | USD 221.351
    UF 62.231 | USD 196.585
  • Commercialization (6%) + administration (4%) UF 6.223 | USD 196.585
  • Taxes + Insurance
    UF 3.495 | USD 110.407
  • Maintenance (0.015 UF/sqm month)
    UF 2.427 | USD 76.669
    UF 12.145 | 383.661
  • NOI (UF) UF 50.086 | USD 1.582.216
  • Cap Rate UF + 4,17%
  • Asset value UF 1.201.106 | USD 37.942.939
    UF -723.108 | USD -22.842.982
  • Asset IRR UF + 10,1%
  • Investor IRR UF + 14,1%
Gourmet Lounge • Game Room • Cinema • Playgroup room for children • Coworking room • Gym • Sauna • Sports court • Swimming pool • 10,000 sqm green areas
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University Neighborhood

Metro Camino Agrícola (Subway Station)
Inacap (University)
AIEP (University)
C. Médico San Joaquín (Hospital)
U. Técnica F. Santa María (University)
IP Santo Tomás (University)
Duoc UC (University)
UC Campus San Joaquín (University)
Líder (Supermarket)
Supermercado 10 (Supermarket)
La Fábrica pPatio (Outlet)
Saint M. Joseph School
Monumental Stadium
Consultorio T. Los Andes (Hospital)
Jumbo (Supermarket)
Mall Plaza
Clínica Bupa (Hospital)
Distance (minutes)

La Fábrica Patio Outlet
Parque Mackenna
Supermercado 10
Universidad Técnica F. Santa María
I.P. Santo Tomás
Duoc UC
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